Four Corners Kitchen

I started Four Corners Kitchen as a way to continue the efforts I was putting forth into opening a Deli in the Sharon/South Royalton area to offer quality breakfasts, lunch and take-home dinners. I saw there was a real need for this type of food in our area and with the pandemic last year I knew people were struggling to find prepared meals made with real food.

After a couple of months of coming up against obstacles in finding a space for the Deli, it was my Intention to purchase a mobile unit so I could set up as a drive-through but this simple concept as well became a great effort to see through despite the customer support and go-fund-me campaigns. All good things take time, I think is what the pro’s say, so in the meantime, I decided to have my brand new home kitchen inspected by the department of health so I could at the very least prepare food for local businesses to sell and offer delivery catering services for the local area.

I now supply the South Royalton Market with prepared food twice a week and have been catering many local parties. Business is booming and it’s fantastic!

I believe in using the best ingredients I can find so the flavor really takes notice. My moms were and still are an inspiration and a big influence in my life. They are huge advocates for keeping everything as local as possible and of quality when running their own catering business and during all the years they owned the local General Store in Barnard, VT. I’ll never forget when I was a teenager asking my Mom why the roasted potatoes taste SO good? Her answer was… because it’s a Chap potato. Our very own SoRo residents, the Chaps do grow the best produce I know. It was a pivotal moment in my life realizing ingredients are the game-changer in recipes, not necessarily the skills to make it.

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