Proud To Be Cheesy

We are well known for our wide, well rounded selection of cheeses made from cow, goat and sheep milk. We stock Vermont specialties, regional delights as well as everyday and sliced cheeses with familiar brands.

Local and regional specialty cheeses change with the seasons. It is truly amazing to be able to detect the lovely hints of plants that the dairy animals have been grazing upon, which imbues every cheese with its unique taste profile.

Many of our customers enjoy taking advantage of the “one-stop shopping” that we offer in both of our extensive cheese and beer and wine departments. There is nothing like pairing a special local cheese with an equally special local brew, wine or hard cider; and there are simply too many choices to ever get bored with, so invite some decadence into your life. You deserve it and our local economy will thank you too!

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Department Manager: Cheese

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