Our Board

Our board is made of Market members who live in the communities that we serve.  They are …. good eggs!

Meeting Schedule
Regular meetings: 6:00 pm,  the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
Special meetings may be called at the request of three or more directors.

Meetings are open to members (except when in Executive Session).  If you plan to attend a meeting, please let us know in advance via the Contact link (bottom of page).

Current Board Members and their Town
Sharon O’Connor, South Royalton (president); Claire Child, Royalton (vice president); David Brandau, Royalton (treasurer); Maria Lamson, South Royalton (secretary); Peter Anderson, Sharon; Walter Hastings, South Royalton; and Bob Slattery, South Royalton.

Role of the Board
Board members are voted in to office by fellow Market members at Annual Meeting each February. The Board’s role is to oversee the direction and the finances of the cooperative. 

Each Board member serves for a term of two years with the possibility of multiple terms. The size of the board can vary to meet the Market’s needs — a minimum of five and maximum of nine.

Ways to Be Involved
Prospective board members
are encouraged to express their interest to the present board at least one month before elections at Annual Meeting and must be current Market members in good standing for at least six months prior to Annual Meeting.

Non-board members can volunteer on a subcommittee. Please contact the Market’s general manager or the board president to learn more.