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All customers support the Market with their purchases. Becoming a member is an additional way to contribute to the co-op’s wellbeing. Membership is a one-time fee that lasts for a lifetime. It covers two adults (and any number of children) in a household.

Members have a choice between two levels:

  •  Basic/Blue: $50 payment; currently receives a 5% discount twice a month
  •  Sustaining/Gold: $200 payment; currently receives a 15% discount twice a month

Please note: the Board of Directors can adjust discount levels, if needed, to ensure the Market’s financial health.

Member Benefits

  • 15% Discounts on special orders by the case
  • Members may use their discount on any two days of the month that they choose


  • Be a “Superworker” volunteer (in return for 2 hours/week of work, receives a 10% discount on all purchases for that week)
  • Run for the Board of Directors
  • Vote in the Board elections, held at Annual Meeting in the spring

How To Join

Joining is easy:

  • Use the Payment Form and fill out all your information, pay, and we will be in touch very soon!


  • Download the membership brochure, fill it out and drop it off; or pick up a brochure next time you are in the store. Thank you for your interest!

Click the button and the brochure PDF will open in a new tab.

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Why membership is important

Why Support the South Royalton Market, Your Local Food Co-op?

“Co-ops are the most beautiful kind of business,” says the Market’s Outreach Coordinator, Heather Jenkins. “They are created by local people, for local people, which means that we can all take pride in supporting our local economy in a very direct and real way. We, like all co-ops, carry hundreds of local products and we hire local people. Dollars spent here, stay right here in our community, making it strong.”

One of the reasons that we were able to remain open and feed our community during the first two months of the COVID-19 pandemic was because our local farmers and producers continued to do what they do, which includes delivering their products to us, usually themselves, so that no national supply chain breakdown closed our doors. Now that is resilience, and that is the beauty of co-ops!

Benefits of Membership

  1. Pride in the knowledge that you are supporting your community and a sense of belonging to something wonderful!
  2. 15% discount on full case special orders
  3. Two opportunities each month for a member discount on purchases (see below for details)
  4. The option to become a Superworker volunteer, who works 2 hours a week, earning a 10% discount on all purchases (except special orders)
  5. The opportunity to vote in Board elections and to run for election to the Board
  6. Discounts on all workshops and classes offered by the co-op
  7. Free e-newsletters and member emails to keep you informed
  8. Reduction in stress and transportation costs due to fewer or no long trips to large supermarkets (see cost analysis on back)
  9. Encouragement to get involved in the co-op in any creative ways that you can dream up!