Special Orders

Special Orders

Looking for a product we don’t carry?
Want a whole case of something?
Ask if we can special order it for you!

All members (Blue and Gold alike) receive a 15% discount on all special orders. Non-members receive a 5% discount.

We always have a supply of special order forms in the special order “nook”, and are more than happy to place special orders for our customers. You may also place an order online, by phone, or by email.

We appreciate every sale that we make, and we enjoy passing along savings on special, whole case orders to our customers. We very much appreciate your adherence to our special order policy because it allows the process to work. Thank you for your cooperation!

Special Order Policy


The reason that we can offer discounts on special, whole case orders is that we don’t have to pay employees to break open and process the cases; they just go home with you. It is important to understand the following…

  1. Depending on delivery schedules, your special order will be ready for pick-up within the span of a few days to a few weeks, however, there are no guarantees. If you need your order by a certain date, please indicate that. We will call you as soon as your order is ready.

  2. PLEASE do not call to check up on your order, or ask in person in the store whether your special order is ready before we have called you. Rest assured that we will call you as soon as your order is ready for pick-up. We have very little storage space which creates a real need for us to get your special order delivered ASAP. Please think cooperatively and be patient.

  3. There are very few situations in which we can split cases for special orders, for the reasons listed above. In a situation where your items don’t come in a case, but rather a large bag, like potatoes or flour, for example, we can fill special orders only in the amount in which we receive them. For example, if carrots come in 25-pound bags, then you need to order no less than 25 pounds.

  4. Some items have limited availability from our distributors and are therefore not available for special order.