SoRo Fiber Artist, Gisele MacHarg

We are delighted to have 42 pieces of Gisele’s artwork up in the Cafe Art Space this month! This renowned artist’s work is exquisite and must be appreciated in person. Below is a statement from the artist herself. Pictured are Gisele and her husband and expert artwork hanger, Michael.


In my early youth in France, I was surrounded by relatives who created beautiful fiber items knitting, tailoring or doing needlepoint. Then my dad took me to Le Louvre Museum and this visit was an eye opener for me into the world of art.

Years later after a long teaching career I stumbled upon the traditional activity of “rug hooking” and was immediately taken by it.

Most of my materials are recycled from woolen garments of old. I often dye my colors on the wood stove, Vermont long winters obliging.

To me hooking is another form of painting, experimenting with hues and designs to capture a moment, record a feeling, an emotion or ask a question. My themes tend to speak to a personal memory or a universal idea and I hope they connect with the viewer’s own memories and take one on a voyage.

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