Holiday Hours, Winter Shopping Tips and Gratitude!

One more reminder of our holiday hours couldn’t hurt, right??
Everyone at the Co-op would like to say “Thank You” to every shopper for helping us to keep our community fed safely this year!
We are all eager to say good-bye to the year 2020, but it’s challenges have highlighted our ability to cooperate, help each other, ask for help, be patient and to be grateful for what we have.
May we all continue to come together for the greater good in this next year of 2021!
As we approach the coldest month of the year, we would like to remind our customers of a few common sense shopping suggestions which minimize inconvenience and risk for us all.
Shop in the mid to late morning: Mornings continue to be our quietest times. While we ask that the first hour after we open be reserved as much as possible for seniors and those who are immune compromised, we encourage customers to use the remaining a.m. hours to shop.
Plan larger, less frequent trips: We can limit the amount of time that customers must potentially stand in line in the cold and/or wet while waiting to enter the Co-op if we all do a bit more planning before we shop. By making a thoughtful list and purchasing more per trip, we can limit how often we need to visit the Co-op, making life a little easier for everyone in our community.
Shop alone if you can: If you don’t have to shop with friends or family members, please help us to limit foot traffic by limiting the number of humans in the store at any one time.
Limit socializing while shopping: This is a hard one for us all! After all, our Co-op is one of our favorite places to stop and chat with friends. Sadly and for the good of our community, we have to ask everyone to socialize outside of the store as much as possible for the time being, especially during peak shopping hours when many people need to shop. THANK YOU!!!
In the spirit of cooperation, may we all enjoy a safe and Happy New Year!

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