We are offering more selection in our Grab n’ Go deli case

The global pandemic has brought so many changes to the way we live. One unexpected consequence for the Co-op has been incredible growth! We increased our sales by over 15% last year, and our membership has swelled by a third!
Growth is a good thing. Keeping up with it’s demands is sometimes challenging though. As often happens in these situations, we have done some temporary streamlining to better meet the ebb and flow in various departments.
When our Chef Jeremiah St. Peter left us for new adventures last week, we decided not to replace him for the time being. Instead, we are beefing up our Grab n’ Go deli case offerings, as you can see in the pics below.
We are also in the process of looking at a line of PREMIUM PREMADE SANDWICHES to offer and hope to be doing so within the next few weeks.
Unfortunately, our daily offerings of hot soup have been temporarily phased out. We will be bringing back the microwave so that customers will be able to heat up items from the Grab n’ Go deli case, however.
We thank all of our customers and members for their cooperation during this crazy and stressful time in history. It has been thanks to this sustained group effort that the Co-op has been able to successfully navigate keeping our community fed as safely as we possibly can!
We will keep you up to date about further changes. We also wish Chef Jeremiah happy trails and success in the next chapter.


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