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baby callum hollding limes at south royalton market
Littlest Shoppers

Callum in the Limelight

Littlest Shopper, Callum, 1, SoRo, seemingly couldn’t believe his good luck when Mom put him in charge of their limes. Callum, who usually brings us

Esme’s Fuzzy Bear

Littlest Shopper, Esme, 2, always brings her fuzzy bear shopping. We love your outgoing personality as well as your healthy snack choices cutie!  

“Revin'” Roman

Roman, 18 mos, and Mom Tessa, exhibit some extreme cooperation while pushing their cart. We love it!

Littlest Shoppers

Spiderman Finn

Littlest Shopper, Finn, 5, Tunbridge, shows us how excited he is when wearing his Spiderman shirt. Go Spidey!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

A friendly reminder that wearing masks is required while in the store