Elizabeth’s Picks

Our Cheese Department Manager Elizabeth, has so many favorites for a dreamy, hot summer day, that she had to spread them over two meals! Here goes…

BREAKFAST of Villa Villekulla skyr, Tunbridge, VT, dolloped onto fresh-picked fruit, a generous drizzle of local, raw honey from Northwoods Apiaries, Westfield, VT and a sprinkle of Effie’s Oatcake biscuits, Hyde Park, MA.

LUNCH of Scholten Family Farm, Wheybridge bloomy rind, Wheybridge, VT; Vermont Salumi’s fennel salami, Barre, VT, Luna Bleu cukes, S. Royalton, VT; Red Hen Bakery baguette, Middlesex, VT, accompanied by a chilled McManis viognier white wine, Ripon, CA.

…That’s not only a tasty mouthful but an armload!

“Puts me into inescapable relaxation,” claims Elizabeth.

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